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Top Update News – Celebs Unload On Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy | TMZ Live 2017

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Liputan Malam Video – Donald Trump executed a controversial Immigration policy and now celebs are reacting. SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZLiveSubscribe About TMZ Live: Subscribe …
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All of the latest breaking media on Donald Trump. SEE THE Independent’s complete assortment of articles and commentary on Donald Trump. Latest media and commentary on Donald Trump including images, videos, quotations, and a biography.

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  1. I didn't know Johnson is a dumb ASS. Not a small amount of people support this Muslim ban Its a Majority of AMERICA'S support it. U Hollywood bozos have lost your mind. And he won the majority, vote get with the facts. Communists TRAITORS.

  2. Every hour,we need to be in prayer,even5minutes help,lets have love for one another an try an keep our cool.Being angry,is what they feed on,an being afraid,God has not given us the spirit of fear,but of power,love an a sound mind.Spread love

  3. Scary when you think of how many morons I'm surrounded by on this planet. We are a country of immigrants, but also a country of laws. People need to educate themselves instead of acting on emotions for every thought and decision.

  4. im not saying i agree with trumps immigration policy but these fucking celebrities and their opinions on immigration is fuckery.. Especially when its not their jobs being taken.. their lives in no way are effected by immigrants or having to struggle to compete for jobs with ppl who are not american citizens.. smh its so easy for them to bitch and moan from way up on their high horse oblivious to struggle.

  5. Celebrities – fuck them when I go see a movie I'll buy the movie on the street corner. I will never support a celebrity, athlete, etc……… again. They just lost me and my two sons. I use to not buy bootleg movies but now that's all I'll buy. They won't stand in my corner and i'm not going to stand in theirs. All celebrities and athletes can go straight to hell.

  6. all these hippies want aa eazy brezzy lay down President cuz they dont have a clue what it takes to keep even their own house together let alone 50 whole damn states…..they have. no clue of economics…..just emotional…and lazy crybabies

  7. here we go, celebs that are losers!!!!!!
    isn´t magic infected??? you are going to listen to him????? HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how stupid can you be????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go ahead

  8. Fuck magic johnson. pretty self righteous for a dude who was unfaithful to his spouse and caught hiv from a hooker. Fuck all these cry baby celebs, respect your fucking president! we all hated that fag obama but were called racist for not supporting that dumbfuck non- american, democrats fucked up this nation so bad they can't recognize a good thing trying to save it.

  9. What's next? Concentration camps. Trump is not a president, he is a tyrant. Way to go folks!!! Way to rip away the fabrics of what America stands for.

  10. This is stupid the people that are affected by terror attacks do not agree and if your ok with just anybody in our country maybe you should be on a watch list and yes not all Muslims are bad or a threat trumps goal is to weed through the suspicious and dangerous people September 11 I guarantee the whole United States would want to ban Muslims I guess we have forgotten what can be done to our country maybe we need another attack to show people

  11. Let's ask Charlie Sheen, He's the mouth of Hollywood. We should have celebrities run the country. Or we should have celebrities make policy, we should have them on the Supreme Court or at least when we have issue we ask the committee of celebrities to render the final decision on everything. Literally everything.

  12. The 3 blacks shown on the screen SHouLd just quit it already. He's appointed people into his administration. The younger citizens want fresh eye's for the people. Trump has skinheads,,, KKK,,and HellS Angels backing this devil.

  13. where were all the protests when Obama did this in 2011? Also from the year 2011 to 2015 Obama only let into the country 1882 refugees out of the 11 million that are in Syria. Why did no none protest his policies?

  14. the thing is President Trump won twice over hilly clinton. he was voted for, in America, by Americans. twice, ✌. no one ever mentioneds the second vote that they demanded. its time to clean house in America. you never invite people over while you are cleaning house. American money needs to stay in America. you never pay someone else bills before you pay your own. build the wall with the bullet train, means more jobs for Americans. all good commen sense.

  15. and for every black Americans who have an issue of what Donald Trump is doing. mind your business because the same people's y'all marching for have never March for any of our issues in this country so let them get it just like every black Americans have done so black people's get y'all big mouth close or the target will be the inncity

  16. this what I believe about what Donald Trump he became president and the United States is his house and have every right to protect his house no matter who like or hate the way he wants to protect his house

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