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Top Update News – Donald Trump Mocked a Reporter With a Disability At South Carolina Rally (VIDEO) 2017

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Liputan Malam Video – New York Times slams ‘outrageous’ Donald Trump for mocking reporter’s disability Trump blasted by New York Times after mocking reporter with disability …
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All of the latest breaking information on Donald Trump. SEE THE Independent’s complete assortment of articles and commentary on Donald Trump. Latest information and commentary on Donald Trump including photographs, videos, quotations, and a biography.

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  1. he never mocked his disability, trump has used that mannerism for many people with video evidence to show someone flustered. he even did it mimicking himself being flustered on vacation during an interview. even he isnt immune to his own mannerisms. he showed the dude being flustered when asked about an article he wrote on 9/11 and the contents therein coming to light that might not have been true, and he felt cornered not knowing what to say. there are timelines and context to all of this. it was spun as mocking a disabled persons disablilty when the huffpost was made to look like a fool by trump and actually fact checking their source which ended up being found…came from them 15 years ago in their archives. they made a false association, edited the video and created still images, (the still frame where trumps arm is in the same position as serges to create a false comparison) and they pushed it hard as propaganda to spin that story and assumption the the public to discredit him. this is obvious if you do a little research in context on what happened along that timeline. trump mocked a disabled person. but he didnt mock their disability. he mocked his flustered irresponsive reacting to being prodded by questions of a former article of his.

  2. I think the people sitting there and laughing at Trump mocking the disabled reporter were even more disgusting than Trump's behavior! This man is an absolute embarrassment. So basically we sent a message to the world that we would put a man in power who mocks handicapped people. Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! I am studying in the mental health field and I think this is absolutely disgusting and I am sure any person with a moral compass also would find this disgusting! #notmypresident

  3. The dude got all up in trumps shit so im perfectly fine with him making fun of him… if you are thinking about writing a paragraph on why im a bad person fuck u idc its funny as shit

  4. Fake news at it's finest. Donald Trump was immitating a flustered person, not someone's fucked up hand. He has done this multiple times; we all throw our hands frantically to immitate someone who is flustered.

  5. I didn't like Trump either but if you dig a little deeper you would realize he did the same move for a Republican that flailed on his position and the reporter in question doesn't even show his disability like that. It was edited to seem like he was mocking the disability when he was actually mocking his backpedaling.

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