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Top Update News – Donald Trump Weighs in on Marijuana, Hillary Clinton, and Man Buns 2017

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Liputan Malam Video – We visited Trump Tower to chat with Man of the Year and presidential candidate Donald Trump. We had one simple question: what *will* make America great …
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All of the latest breaking reports on Donald Trump. SEE THE Independent’s complete assortment of articles and commentary on Donald Trump. Latest reports and commentary on Donald Trump including photographs, videos, quotations, and a biography.

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  1. Joshua Hatch sucks your videos suck I've seen them what do you do besides talk about Pokemon and video games come on now really get real buddy and oh yeah grow up just because you have a 4.0 grade average and you have a little YouTube channel talking about something that no one cares about you would think someone in college would have something better to talk about why doesn't your dumbass put something out about science or since you're doing so good why don't you try making a video about welding collision repair something like that that's worth watching Pokemon is not what can you do in real life with Pokemon nothing what can you do in real life with video games nothing why don't you put something out teaching someone how to do something that's actually useful in life instead of putting something out there that a five-year-old would play and go ahead and get mad I don't care because in reality you're only getting mad at the truth.

  2. Alright so I voted Hillary. Yes I did was Bernie told me to do, I regret it honestly. In a way I'm glad she lost.
    I JUST saw this video and Trump wants to return to the Gold Standard?!? Are you serious? That's Ron Paul talk. That would be absolutely revolutionary. Part of me wishes I did vote for him. Oh well, we got a republican congress and a Trump White House, we gotta see how this turns out. I'm a Progressive rooting for Trump. I know right, eww.

  3. 🇺🇸♿️🌱🔬🔋⚗🍭🍬🚬👌🏼I love to know Mr. Trump is working for us veterans and hopefully that the medical marijuana will start getting their medicine because they are giving us a hard time right now I was hoping that when it became legal here in Miami they would all ready have things set up, the veterans hospitals are giving us the bums rush that they are federal so they can't prescribe it I said what about Colorado's Veterans Hospitals how are they doing it so come on don't keep telling us no I need my medical marijuana ASAP PLEASE! Congrats Mr. Trump

  4. Calling all bud smokers DO NOT vote for TRUMP he is hiring Chris Christie as the attorney general. He is one of the most outspoken ANTI-MARIJUANA elected officials. NO TO TRUMP!

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