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Top Update News – President Donald Trump: Climate Deal Was A ‘Self-Inflicted Major Economic Wound’ | NBC News 2017

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Liputan Malam Video – President Trump says the Paris climate agreement was a “massive redistribution of United States wealth to other countries”, and that its restrictions on energy …
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All of the latest breaking reports on Donald Trump. SEE THE Independent’s complete assortment of articles and commentary on Donald Trump. Latest reports and commentary on Donald Trump including images, videos, quotations, and a biography.

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  1. Green energy is great for the crooks. Solyndra and Obama made a killing while we got the bill. Anything done behind closed doors should be scrapped. NBC News out doing Pravda when it comes to fake, misleading, biased and misinformation.

  2. When will this guy realize if the US is disadvantaged by the Paris agreements, it's because they're so behind on sustainable measures and that they need to stress on that so solve long term issues?
    For god sakes America, open your eyes please…

  3. Luciferianism is Satanism masked in the false light of superficiality and religion. Freemasons are known for worshiping Lucifer and most Freemasons are self identified Christians. Luciferians dress in nice clothes, speak proper, drive nice cars while they condemn others for superficial reasons. They covertly condemn the poor and sick as sinners and claim they are being punished by God. Freemasons are involved in covert persecution against those who oppose their ways and control. Freemasons also created other types of secret societies which they use to do their dirty work. Freemasons get paid to gang stalk and persecute people all over the United States. They operate covertly. They poison people. They slander people. They vandalize their property. They cyber stalk their victims. They gang stalk and mentally terrorize their victims. They are involved with using electronic weapons on people. Electromagnetic Pulse weapons do exist and they are even sold online. Their persecution often leads to deaths, mental break downs, hospitalization, or prison for the victims. Many Freemasons and members of secret societies are involved in computer hacking as well. These secret societies are being funded by the Vatican and royal families through offshore accounts, paypal, and private Swiss banking.

  4. Don, Don, Don – what is wrong with you! You get a chance to lead the world by incubating emerging green technologies and signaling that America is at the forefront of the clean energy triad, (there's that word again, Don). You have somehow mismanaged yet another important element to re-establishing what will make America great in generations to come! You embarrass me, you disgrace the office and I question your ability to think critically. It's time for you to go away.

  5. This is a joke right? We could create thousands of jobs by moving towards green energy the old coal miners still need work train em to maintain wind turbines etc. my great grandfather was part of a group that built all of our highways it was a huge national project that put so many to work and now look at how easy it is to travel this country. If we put our minds together and rolled up our sleeves we could lead the world in new clean energy

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