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Top Update News – President Trump Weekly Address 6/2/17 2017

All of the latest breaking information on Donald Trump. SEE THE Independent’s complete assortment of articles and commentary on Donald Trump. Browse the latest information and examination on Leader Donald Trump. Follow today’s top experiences and breaking information from inside Washington D.C. and beyond.


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All of the latest breaking information on Donald Trump. SEE THE Independent’s complete assortment of articles and commentary on Donald Trump. Latest information and commentary on Donald Trump including photographs, videos, quotations, and a biography.

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  1. We need to surround the president in masse prayer. I know thousands do, but anyone who wants to join me in prayer for our President's safety, health and protection, i pray ever night for him and his family at 8pm Arizona Mountain Standard time. We must do this en masse. I hope other states will join me. I know Australia has had days of prayer for our President – thank you Australia. https://youtu.be/-qIaeCo7nwU

  2. Lol I can't imagine what would have been happening if Hillary was the president! Saudis would never show up and by now open borders would have made the country the drug capital of the world with refugees pouring in and London like attacks everywhere. Stocks would be down, business struggling and democrats happy. What a bad dream! Glad the Donald is here!

  3. Obamas way of talking was always so convoluted because he was making up things as he said and was a hypocrite and a liar. Trump says as is. Good or bad. Obama just wanted to look good himself – trump doesn't care as long as he can do the right thing by his country. Great Leader! Wish the obstructionist rot!

  4. Mr president Trump Im following u like u were my own president. Im Italian. I was chuffed about it to see u in sicily nd Rome. I wish u were our president.  I know that u `ll be putting American first which is fair and normal. unfortunately what we got in Italy  s a weak spinless man. Europe s dead . we want to be independent European nations.   u have been and inspirarion for us too.  take care God bless u

  5. President Trump is the man with action, ethical, integrity and loves our country. I'm thankful having him representing us.
    MAGA ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  6. God bless President Donald Trump who is beacon of light in this troubled world.

    So loyal to the American worker and fighting everyday to do the right thing for America

  7. Thank you President Trump for standing by your words to drain the swamp and for standing up for our great country!
    God Bless America and God Bless Our President and his family ,keep them safe from all the idiots that want to bring him harm ! I'm proud of our President and all he stands for!🇺🇸🙏💙🇺🇸‼️

  8. Thank you President Trump!! I truly appreciate all you are doing for America!! America is blessed to have your service. ❤ U President Trump!!!!!!

  9. this piece of crap doesn't care about US citizens… He cheated contractors, banks, workers and American citizens with his businesses and scams like trump U. He doesn't even care about his own grandchildren because he's willing to let them suffer the effects of unmitigated global warming and he's put their daddy in a position where he can go to jail.
    George Washington 'could not tell a lie' (remember the cherry tree story?) but dishonest donald cannot tell the truth because he is a pathological liar without a shred of integrity.

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